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This is an F13 TKL PCB. It may be compatible with TKLs that support the hineybush h88c, but I guarantee no compatibility. Don't buy this unless you know what you're doing.


  • PCB
    • F13-only
    • Soldered (not hotswap)
    • ATmega32u4 Powered
    • QMK/VIA support
    • Green PCB
    • 1.6mm thick
    • 6.25u, 7u, WKL bottom row support
    • ANSI/ISO Support
    • Split backspace, split left shift, split right shift support
    • No LEDs, no RGB, no backlight, no underglow
    • Top side USB-C port with ESD protection
    • No JST/UDB breakout
  • Plate
    • Just a plain Jane v2 ce plate file
    • Supports all layout options
    • Black FR4
    • 1.6mm thick


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